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HelloReef Kits include access to HelloReef Connect, the online portal which includes the coaching, education and bonus content you need to be successful. Even more, HelloReef Connect is the entry point into a whole world of people and places tied together through a shared love of marine life and aquatics. Start with an aquarium, join our community, and become part of the family.

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Clown Fish

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Included with your HelloReef kit purchase is a complete interactive experience that makes it fun and easy to learn everything you need to know about keeping a saltwater aquarium.

Videos will show you step-by-step how to get set up, make saltwater, and care for your habitat. HelloReef uses only premium equipment and time-proven techniques to ensure you will be successful.

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I am a teacher and a 15 year aquarist. Together we will bring the beauty of the ocean into your home.

The easy-to-follow step-by-step video instructions, will make the setup process as smooth as a serene sea.

I can’t wait to help transform your space into a mesmerizing underwater world. Let's dive in and get started!

Everything You Need

  1. HelloReef
    Clownfish & Anemone Aquarium Kit - HelloReef
    In stock
    $549.99 $549.99

    • 15-Gallon Glass Aquarium
    • 12” Programmable LED Light
    • Nano Circulation Pump
    • 153 GPH Return Pump
    • 50W Heater
    • Stick-on Thermometer
    • Dry Live Rock & Sand
    • Underwater Epoxy Putty
    • Seawater Refractometer
    • Live Nitrifying Bacteria
    • Clownfish Food
    • Two Months of Salt
    • Gloves & Glass Scraper
    • Coupon for your first marine animal(s)

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We want you to be successful - by providing a complete solution that has all the equipment and the education needed - complete the courses and earn a gift card to use towards your first marine animals.


15 gallon aquarium with filtration, flow, and lighting.

Tank Supplies

Everything you need to get set up and be successful.


A coupon toward your first marine animal(s).

2% Portion of net proceeds to ocean conservation & restoration

Portion of Sales to Ocean Conservation & Restoration

HelloReef is committed to protecting the world’s aquatic environments and it’s inhabitants, through conservation, research, and education. Part of your purchase will contribute to worldwide coral conservation & restoration.

Captive Bred Clownfish and other marine animals are not only sustainable, but they will thrive in aquariums like yours!